Mastering the Use of Tartaglia, the Toy Salesman, in Genshin Impact

Known as Childe, Tartaglia, Ajax, or the greatest toy salesman in Snezhnaya, Tartaglia is a well-known character in the Genshin Impact world. Operating his kit effectively requires understanding and skill, transforming his seemingly intimidating moves into manageable and strategic gameplay.

Deciphering Tartaglia's Normal and Charged Attack

Deciphering Tartaglia's Normal and Charged Attack

Tartaglia's normal attack may appear unremarkable, but understanding its potential sets apart the players. What differentiates his normal attack is the final move, where instead of shooting, he throws an arrow physically. Adding to this, Tartaglia's fully charged shot applies Riptide to enemies, facilitating AOE Hydro damage that counts as normal attack damage. Two ways to trigger the AOE are by implementing a second charged shot or by defeating the enemy with Riptide.

Navigating Tartaglia’s Elemental Skill

The elemental skill in Tartaglia's kit is where players often get confused. Upon activation, Tartaglia metamorphoses from a ranged user to a melee. Consequently, his normal attacks transition from physical to Hydro damage, and his charged attacks convert into Hydro slashes. More importantly, while his melee stance is active, triggering Riptide on enemies will still activate the AOE. The change in stance is paramount to maximizing Tartaglia's abilities, with players advised to be in his stance briefly.

The Cooldown Conundrum

One of the misgivings about Tartaglia’s elemental skill is the hefty 45-second cooldown. However, the duration of this cooldown depends on how long players stay in their stance, with the maximum hitting at 30 seconds. But tread with caution; overshooting the mark to 30 seconds escalates the cooldown to 45 seconds.

Piercing Through with Childe’s Burst

Piercing Through with Childe’s Burst

The Havoc: Obliteration, also known as Childe's burst, switches forms depending on his stance. The bow stance applies Riptide in his burst, whereas the melee stance enhances the damage multiplier, giving up its ability to apply Riptide. Hence, many players utilize him as a burst DPS via his melee stance and elicit his AOE damage abilities in Genshin Impact.

Appreciating Riptide-Centric Passive Talents

All of Tartaglia's passive talents are structured around his Riptide ability. His first ascension passive expands the Riptide duration by 8 seconds; his second ascension applies Riptide to enemies upon his critical hit while in melee stance. The final passive talent enhances the team's normal attack levels by one, providing an extra boost on top of his formidable DPS role.

In conclusion, the key to mastering Tartaglia lies in understanding his multifaceted abilities, stance transitions, and diverse talents. With knowledge and practice, you will be able to unlock his full potential and augment the power of your team in Genshin Impact.