My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom review

If the idea of adopting an adorably chubby and mischievous little tomcat named Tom rings a bell filled with excitement, then welcome to the world of "My Talking Tom". A heartwarming virtual pet game, My Talking Tom, offers you the role of a proud pet parent to the charmer Tom. Strap in as we delve deeper into your potential virtual parenthood journey.

Nurturing Your Furry Friend - Gameplay and Features

The wordplay in the name is significant as My Talking Tom aims to take care of the fluffy feline, Tom. It invokes reminiscences of the popular 90's digital pets but with a broader scope occupying feeding, dressing, playing, and even speaking to Tom.

Every interaction with Tom gains experience points, eventually allowing you to level up. Gaining levels provides an array of unlocks – wardrobes for dressing Tom, innovative food items, stylish furniture, and even spaces for living.

One of the delights of My Talking Tom is the multi-faceted gameplay that goes beyond simply interacting with a digital pet. The entire experience is built around simulating various aspects of pet care, offering players a rich and engaging journey of nurturing their furry friend, Tom.

At the core of the gameplay, players are challenged to meet Tom's various needs. This includes ensuring Tom is fed, clean, happy, and well-rested. By dragging different food items to Tom's mouth, you can watch him chow down on everything from green apples to chili dogs to feed him. Bathing Tom by swapping the bubbles over him makes sure he remains clean.

Not merely limited to his primitive needs, Tom's happiness quotient is also a crucial part of the gameplay. Multiple mini-games within the app, like Bubble Shooter, Puzzles, or 2048, can be played to entertain your pet cat for hours.

Players are further encouraged by the game to spend some quality time with Tom. By tapping and dragging tools, you can tickle him, make him jump, and even mimic him around the house to fill his happiness quota. Speak into the microphone, and Tom will repeat your words in his mischievous, high-pitched tone, bringing alive many hilarious conversation scenarios.

My Talking Tom's gameplay also encourages purchases – using in-game currency, of course– to customize and upgrade Tom's surroundings. Everyone likes to indulge their furry friends; this game is no exception. You can buy Tom new clothes, furniture, and even complete house renovations, offering a degree of expressiveness and variety to the gaming experience.

Another engaging part of the gameplay is watching Tom grow. You start with Tom being a little kitten and level up with each sign of good care to see Tom transform into an adult cat. Every level opens up new items and fun activities, thus maintaining a positive cycle of interaction and development.

Conversational Controls and Painted Paws - Graphics and Controls

The graphics is a treasure trove of warmth and delight. The vibrant, colorful presentation of the premise, combined with the animated antics of the irresistible Tom, makes it an engaging visual experience.

Control interactions give you a sense of real-life pet ownership. Tap on the food button to deliver a meal, on the light bulb to put Tom to sleep, or on the soccer ball to play and entertain. Furthermore, Tom is a talking tomcat, repeating anything you say in a hilariously high-pitched voice.

Cute, but Clingy: The Cat's Catch

As delightful as the game seems, there are underlying scratches. One of the downsides is the frequent promptings for in-app purchases. The eagerness to monetize does intrude upon the gameplay, occasionally demolishing the immersive experience.

The next catch is about the ad interruptions. These intermittent ad appearances can abruptly break away from the smooth flow of the tasks at hand. Moreover, while the game has much to offer young gamers, older players might find the game too simplistic or monotonous after a while.

Re-visiting the Furry Friend

Despite the downsides, My Talking Tom has managed to win over the hearts of millions. Users have hailed the interactive nature and the personalized gameplay. The educational factor for kids with an underpinning of responsibility has gained applause, too. However, the frequent pop-ups for purchasing and ad interruptions are common concerns echoed among users.

Conclusion - Pawing the Play or Passing It by?

In the universe of virtual pet games, My Talking Tom stands as a resounding meow. Its appealing animation, interactive gameplay, and personalized tasks make it a lovely playing experience, especially for younger audiences. Although certain shortcomings, like the frequent in-app purchase prompts and ad interruptions, do exist, the game is worth giving a shot, particularly if you are a fan of virtual pet games or looking for something fun to engage the kids. It's not just about playing a game; it's about raising and caring for your little virtual friend, Tom.


  • Engaging, personalized gameplay
  • Interactive features
  • Cute and appealing graphics
  • Re-playability due to a variety of tasks and mini-games
  • Educational factors for children.


  • Frequent in-app purchase prompts
  • Ad interruptions can detract from the experience
  • The game may be too simplistic for older players.

Graphics 9

Sound 9

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 8