Messenger review

Messenger is a Facebook application for Windows or Mac OS X, that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends. As of 2008 Messenger was limited to Windows XP and Windows Vista. However, it has been reported that with the latest updates Messenger runs on XP and Vista. Messenger is also available for Android devices and the BlackBerry.

Messenger includes private messages, groups, and profile pages. Private messages are sent via a Facebook application on a person's phone. While sending a message to a Facebook user, the message will be sent to the user's phone. Currently, the user has to access the message from their phone to read it. The user can also reply to messages sent to them using Messenger.

Messenger makes it possible to create groups. These are group chats that can contain up to 5,000 members. It is possible to set up a group chat with a few friends, or a group chat of all friends. Groups are a new feature of Messenger. Groups can be created on the web or on mobile devices. On the web, the user creates a group and invites others to join. On a mobile device, the user can invite friends to join a group but the user must be invited first.

Messenger also includes a feature that allows the user to create a Facebook profile page. The user can choose what kind of information is displayed on their page. This can include your Facebook name, location, relationship status, and more. This feature is a new one for Messenger.

Messenger also allows you to connect with people on the web and on your phone. Some of the features on Messenger are only available on mobile devices. For example, you can use the "click to talk" feature to call others on Messenger, as well as the "click to call" feature to call other people on the web or on mobile devices.


  • Send video messages in high quality
  • Send text and voice messages
  • Send photos and other files
  • Send voice messages
  • Send stickers


  • Messenger is very slow when used on the PC. If you want to send a message, for example, you have to wait nearly half a minute before the message is dispatched
  • The interface is confusing, and it's not very convenient to use it
  • It's impossible to send the same message to several people at the same time

Interface and Design 7

Key Functions 9

Usability 8

Cross-platform use 8