Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V review

In the world of video games, few franchises have had as significant an impact as the GTA series. Since its inception in 1997, the GTA series has been renowned for its open-world gameplay, narrative-driven characters, and unrestricted freedom that mimics real-world indulgences. With the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the franchise has reached the apex of its storytelling and game design prowess. Released in 2013 by Rockstar Games, it has left a lasting impact on players worldwide due to its immersive gameplay, captivating narrative, and the evolution of its open-world environment.

The Gameplay

The action takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas, and the game places players in the shoes of not one but three protagonists - Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, each coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives to the game. The distinctive personalities and diversified narratives of these three characters increase the depth and richness of gameplay and storytelling. Players can freely switch between the characters during the missions, providing a layered perspective to the narrative.

The game features a vast, richly detailed, and dynamic open-world environment that is brimming with life and activities. From participating in high-speed car chases to planning heists, from relaxing pastimes like tennis and yoga to exhilarating skydiving ventures, the breadth of activities in GTA V is incredible. The game also features the most extensive map Rockstar Games has ever conceived, filled with bustling cityscapes, sprawling wilderness, expansive oceans, and more.

Highlights of Grand Theft Auto V:

1. Evolving Open World: The game showcases a dynamic and evolving open world that reflects the player's choices and actions.

2. Multiple Protagonists: With three central characters - Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, each with unique personalities and story arcs, GTA V provides a multi-faceted narrative.

3. Rich in Activities: From heists and street races to investing in the stock market and property management, the game offers a wealth of activities that contribute to the richness of the gaming experience.

4. Modifiable Vehicles & Customizable Characters: The wide range of upgradable vehicles and personalized character transformations adds an extra layer of immersion for players.

5. First-Person Mode: The first-person mode, a new addition to the series with this entry, makes for an immersive and thrilling gameplay perspective.

6. Comprehensive Online Component: GTA Online extends the gaming experience, allowing players to compete in races, execute heists, and engage in other activities with players worldwide.

7. Intricate Plot and Mission Design: The well-executed storyline and innovative mission structure accentuate the narrative depth and gameplay diversity.

8. High-Quality Production Values: With its top-notch graphics, attention to detail, and compelling voice acting, GTA V exudes quality in its production.

9. Diverse Soundtrack: With hundreds of songs spread across various in-game radio stations, the game's wide-ranging soundtrack caters to every music taste.

10. Real Estate and Stock Market: The ability to purchase real estate and manipulate the stock market adds another dimension of realism and player agency.

The Weaknesses

Some players have reported that the story pacing can feel inconsistent, with certain plot threads not receiving proper closure, and some missions feel less engaging than others. There's also the issue of its explicit content, which has raised eyebrows among certain sections of the gaming community. Furthermore, the in-game economy in GTA Online is often criticized for heavily favoring microtransactions, making progress difficult without spending real money.

Users' Impressions

GTA V continues to enjoy enduring popularity eight years after its initial release, with a consistently high user rating across various gaming platforms. Players appreciate the game's immense playability, comprehensive and vibrant world, and the freedom it offers. The three-character narrative of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, along with the creative mission designs, have received acclaim from players around the globe. While explicit content and microtransactions are a source of contention, the general consensus leans heavily towards the positive, with users championing the game as one of the pinnacle achievements in video gaming history.

Despite some shortcomings, Grand Theft Auto V remains a landmark title that has successfully pushed the boundaries for open-world, narrative-driven games. Its popularity and cultural impact testify to its well-designed gameplay and story that keeps players engrossed for hours on end.


  • Rich and immersive open-world environment
  • Multi-character narrative perspective
  • Wide range of activities and missions
  • Detailed and dynamic graphics.


  • Inconsistent story pacing
  • Some unresolved plot threads
  • Explicit content that may not appeal to some players
  • Heavy reliance on microtransactions in GTA Online.

Graphics 9

Sound 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10