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You’ve come to the right place if you want all the latest info about video games and apps. Here at our site, we provide all sorts of information about gaming that will be sure to keep you entertained, informed and motivated. We provide detailed reviews on new releases as well as tips on how best to use them so that you can get maximum enjoyment out of your favorite games. So what are you waiting for? Dive into our exciting world today!

Our game review and news team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, each bringing their expertise and passion to the table. Together, we strive to provide our readers with the most accurate and in-depth information about the games they love.

Meet our Rollerpride team:

Miles Weber - Editor-in-Chief

As the captain of the Rollerpride ship, Miles is responsible for steering the direction of our content and ensuring we maintain our high standards of quality and integrity. With over a decade of experience in the gaming industry, his keen eye for detail and deep understanding of the gaming landscape make him the perfect leader for our team.

Samantha Clarke – Senior Game Reviewer: Samantha's in-depth knowledge of gaming mechanics and industry trends allows her to provide thorough and unbiased reviews of the latest games and apps. She prides herself on her ability to break down complex gameplay elements and deliver helpful tips and recommendations to our readers.

Lucas Grant – News Editor

Keeping our readers updated on the latest gaming news, Lucas is always on the lookout for the most exciting developments in the industry. His sharp analytical skills and flair for storytelling make him the go-to person for breaking news and in-depth analysis.

Emily Harper – Strategy Guide Writer

Emily's love for solving puzzles and exploring gaming worlds has made her our resident expert in creating comprehensive and easy-to-follow strategy guides. She's dedicated to helping our readers navigate even the most challenging games with ease and enjoyment.

Oliver Chen – Mobile Games Specialist

As our mobile gaming guru, Oliver is committed to uncovering the hidden gems of the app world. His expertise in identifying engaging and unique mobile games allows us to provide our readers with the best recommendations for gaming on the go.

Todd Brett – News reporter

Todd Brett is a dedicated news site reporter with expertise in the world of games, focusing primarily on console and PC gaming. He closely follows the industry's developments and major events, providing readers with updates, in-depth reviews, and insights into upcoming releases. Todd's engaging writing style and dedication to accuracy ensure that his audience remains well-informed about the latest gaming trends and advancements.

Emily Heller – News reporter

Emily Heller is a passionate news site reporter who specializes in covering apps for various platforms, including mobile devices and computers. She has a keen eye for identifying innovative tools that can enhance users' productivity or offer unique entertainment experiences. Emily regularly explores new app releases and updates, thoroughly evaluating their features before writing comprehensive reviews that assist readers in choosing the best software for their personal or professional needs. Her commitment to delivering timely, informative content drives her ongoing success within the rapidly evolving app market.

Our story began with a desire to create a website that would offer honest reviews of video games without the filter of corporate interests. We wanted to provide an unbiased opinion about the games we were playing so that other gamers could make informed decisions when deciding which games to purchase or play.

From there, we started creating tips and tricks articles, guides to help you get better at your favorite games, and news articles as well. Our mission is to keep you informed on all the latest gaming trends so you can stay ahead of the curve.

What makes us unique is our commitment to providing an honest opinion on every game and app we review. Our team is made up of experienced gamers who have dedicated their time and energy to making sure our reviews are as accurate as possible. We also strive to offer an unbiased view of all our articles related to tips and tricks, guides, and news so that our readers can make informed decisions about their gaming experiences.

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