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Facebook review

With more than 1.62 billion daily visits, Facebook remains at the top of the social media food chain. But do all of the issues related to changes in design, functionality, and personal data integrity leave a chance for the runner ups? Let’s find out the answer together!

Interface and design – 8/10

Facebook’s recent changes to the design have polarized the audience. Currently, there are two camps – those who don’t mind the changes, and those who stand by the belief that the app was much better before.

I will not be joining the debate at the moment as this is the review of the app “as is”. So, previous iterations aside, Facebook looks slick. Browsing is easy and intuitive. The feed is as vibrant as ever. I wouldn’t go as far as calling Facebook a staple in the world of social media apps, but there is nothing inherently wrong with how the app treats its real estate.

Key functions – 7/10

It is a little bit harder for me to stay unbiased when it comes to functionality. I understand that moving messages into a separate app was purely a business decision, but why do we, the users, have to suffer the inconvenience of swapping between several applications?

As for everything else we are used to seeing in social media apps, well, it’s there all right. You can easily access the feed, browse through fresh content, like, share, engage with groups and communities, upload photos, videos, GIFs, and dank memes to your heart’s content.

Additionally, Facebook has a series of unique features such as the ability to travel the world through virtual tours that use fully rendered 3-D environments. You can also shop directly from the app keeping a finger on the pulse of all seller updates. 

Usability – 9/10

Being the first really big social media, Facebook had its time to adapt and polish core functionality. Every button is adjusted to finger taps. All of the UI elements are easily reachable with one hand. What else is there for us to desire?

Oh, right – we don’t want videos to play automatically in the background. This is a rude invasion of personal space. Not cool, Facebook.

Cross-Platform Use – 10/10

Facebook is easily the most popular social media platform on the globe. The app owes a lion’s share of its popularity to the fact that everyone can launch it on basically any device with a screen and internet connection. 

The Verdict

Facebook is the quintessence of social media applications. It is capable of delivering every aspect of community-driven internet and then some. That being said, the company has a flawed direction and their choice to prioritize profits over users shows in the recent updates.


  • Great upload and download speeds Availability of content and communities Unique social features


  • Constant advertisements High risk of losing personal data integrity
Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 7
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 10


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