ClassDojo review

ClassDojo is a pretty, stylized communications app that connects students with their parents and teachers. This application can boost the eagerness and motivation of youngsters by offering a system of visible, shareable rewards. 

Interface and Design – 10/10

ClassDojo is an app for kids, and it shows. The design is bright, colorful, filled with stylish icons and creative animations. That being said, the vibrancy is balanced out with a slick, minimalistic, grid-based approach to displaying on-screen elements. 

The buttons are large enough for a tap, and the annotations use a clear font. This, in combination with intuitive icons, makes navigating through the app’s many features a walk in the park. 

Key Features – 9/10

ClassDojo is essentially an online classroom with a variety of features that support parental awareness. Teachers, for example, can invite moms and dads into the classroom experience by sharing the works, videos, and photos of their children. 

Additionally, a teacher can motivate pupils to work harder by rewarding or nurturing their skills, such as teamwork or dedication to resolving a challenge. 

Students get a platform to share their “portfolios” online.

ClassDojo has a built-in messenger for online conversations though it is not the most convenient and feature-rich. We feel like a couple of kid-friendly bells and whistles such as stickers could do ClassDojo more justice. 

Then there is the photo editor that gives children a chance to collaborate on a project by leaving notes or scribbles. That being said, the functionality of the editor is very by the numbers. 

Usability – 7/10

The app has a pretty clean interface. The icons are large, vibrant, and intuitive. In simpler words, ClassDojo is simple enough for both the kids and their parents. 

The only drawback is that the app is a little bit more clunky when accessed from a laptop. The Windows version needs a touch. 

Cross-Platform Use – 10/10

Every user can access their ClassDojo account from Android, iOS, and Windows-based devices. This is more than enough to help parents keep track of their child’s progress on the fly, whether from home or office. 

The Verdict

ClassDojo is an excellent app for building an online community around the classroom. The app’s availability on mobile and desktop devices empowers parents and bridges the gap between them and the teacher. 

This online classroom offers all the necessary features to organize a consistent feedback loop allowing everyone to keep their finger on the pulse of the educational flow. That being said, ClassDojo isn’t the app to overdeliver on user experience. Don’t download it, expecting more than a very basic community hub.


  • Clean, crisp interface
  • Availability across multiple platforms
  • Great for helping parents keep track of their child’s progress.


  • Very basic functionality.
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 9
Usability 7
Cross-platform use 10