Top 8 Android Apps with Dark Interface

Dark appearance is a matter of preference. Often you are suggested to choose between light and black interface when you launch the application providing such diversity of background. But still, there are products developed with the only design which is intended to make it more comfortable for your vision. Go dark if you want to relieve eye strain and at the same time to increase the contrast. We suggest you consider just a few apps if you’re going to try this trend or to continue enjoying it even more.

Google Messages

Google Messages Interface

Google Messages offers this marvelous option when you cope with menu and your individual messages. You can find it on the top right on the Home page. Activate popup menu and switch on the dark mode tapping “Enable dark mode”. You will see the immediate change and can chat already within new surroundings.

Google News

Google News Interface

Another Google app is dedicated to news. It aggregates the top information of any events throughout the world using a range of sources. You can read about anything happening around and stay tuned with current news by subscription. Here the dark mode is available for the interface only. When you open an article with news, you get a layout of the website it is published on. But when you navigate across the application, you can feel comfortable in the dark mode.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Interface

Everybody knows Chrome which is well-done and certainly better compared to the most other browsers. Initially, it was only light, but updates have brought the dark mode. You should launch two Chrome Flags: for the dark mode of a user interface of the browser and for the dark webpages. You will not sate any difficulty with activating the flags as far as the comprehensive guide is suggested.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Interface

Though the above examples are about Google apps, this developer is not the only one following the hot design trends. Facebook Messenger can also boast of the dark mode. In order to activate it, you should send a moon emoji to a chat. Or, you can do it adjusting settings in an appropriate way.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser Interface

If you do not like Chrome, you can regard a Samsung Internet browser, which is also available in a black version. Why should you prefer it? It is able to block advertisement, has responsive controls and operates in a fast way. Samsung supports the hottest trends and of course, contains the dark mode in its range of options. You will easily find it in the Menu. Just make a single tap on the Hamburger icon which is located on the bottom right and choose the Dark mode. Everything will look dark now including a user interface and website content. This is the most complete dark mode.


Textra Interface

Now if you use the app to send SMS, you can try Textra packed with a lot of useful features providing you with even better conditions compared to other messengers. You can be sure not to regret if you prefer it because you are offered to time light or night modes which can be set without much efforts. Or you can settle on a black mode only.

Klara Weather

Klara Weather Interface

We always need to know weather conditions that is why the application providing such information is a must on your mobile device. If you want it to be dark, choose Klara with a night theme only. In other words, if you want to have a choice, it will not be suggested here. Though the dark mode is not pure, still you won’t be detracted from the information by colors.


YouTube Interface

Your favorite YouTube app can also be delivered with the dark mode. You can turn it on by hand. Go profile icon, find a section General in the Settings and tap on Dark theme.

The dark side of things

This new eye-scorching design has become popular among users, and we know the reasons for the success. There are some of them, but the most important one is not a magic or Gothic style, it is charge-effectiveness – your battery of the mobile device will last longer. Still, you should think about emotions, because black does not make you optimistic while bright colors cause positive cognitive responses. But on the other hand, the black background has no hue value and does not distract you from reading. We could continue with the pros and cons, but still, dark interface is a design trend preferred by millions of users. It is for you to decide.