Stay Away from the Fake Fortnite Android Apps

Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there with its Android version to launch quite soon. However, before its launch, a plenty of fake versions of this game are being advertised online and people are tempted to download them. While some are discovering the bogus versions of Fortnite in their Google searches, some are finding them on YouTube.

Though most of the false version of this game can be easily spotted owing to their broken English and pathetic web design.

On inspecting and thoroughly examining the fake Fortnite apps, it has been found that one app has serious data breach issue and it steals the Fortnite accounts of the users. There are also other forged Fortnite apps which ask the users to play a tutorial before playing the actual game. When the users sign in for the tutorial, these apps steal all their login data.

But not all apps are like that. They don’t steal your credentials but just redirect you to a third-party survey website.

The firm behind Fortnite i.e. Epic Games is yet to officially launch the Android version of the game. Till then, stay safe from these fake Android versions of the Fortnite game.