Pokemon Go Has Passed 1 Billion Downloads Mark

Since 2016 when Pokemon Go was released, its popularity has continued to grow. In the very beginning, millions of players all over the world were deeply involved in the game. It helps to socialize, to explore new locations, and develop the ability to solve puzzles. And even now a lot of people are engaged with the idea to catch those pocket monsters. Here we would like to highlight the solid result achieved by the title — it has been downloaded 1 billion times by now.

Reaching the milestone

The information about this achievement is official. It was broadcast by Pokemon Go's Japanese YouTube channel. The video represents an official of the company speaking and translated by Serebii.net. Pokemon Go has gained ground very quickly from the very beginning despite the doubts and free-spoken mockery. The interest was really huge, and it continues to grow immensely. Though it is clear that the interest reached its peak earlier. Just in a couple of months after the release, the title was downloaded 500 million times. And now we see a new record proving that the game still has it in the tank.

Though, if the truth is to be told, this data is not about one billion of active players. Pokemon Go can be downloaded by those who are just curious without playing the game or even by mistake (How is it possible? Still we can assume that). The amount includes re-downloads performed by old players who want to remember the game they played in the old days.

Great success

Anyway, Pokemon Go is the game which is popular for real without any schemes and dipsy-doodle. For the past three years, it has brought the gross income in the amount of $2.6 billion. The data concerning its financial success was published by Sensor Tower.

Have you ever played this game? What do you think of such unfailing popularity?