Meet The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets in VR

A new game by Fast Travel Games is coming. You will find here so many elements that it is expected to be amazing. It includes quest, mixed reality with unusual worlds, and puzzling. All those sounding and video effects greatly contribute to entertainment value making this trend in demand.


Be sure that this tale will take you to your childhood. You will be guided to adventures by a voice resembling your grandfather. It is possible not only to participate in the events but create the worlds. You will return to the past and communicate with your sister and a lot of other things. During the process, you will solve light puzzles gripping, dropping, and spinning elements in the world where you are at the current moment. You should find the hidden pets in every such world being not limited at all. While completing your mission it is important to reveal secret coins looking for them behind a glowing volcano and doing other unnecessary things at first glance.

VR forever

Virtual reality has its advantages and attracts followers from all over the world. It helps you to go beyond the screen and feel like you take part in those events, and that makes you move even causing burning of calories. And of course, this is an innovation which delivers a completely new experience. This experience so real that you should try it and let your brain to be fooled into believing the events happening within this new game. The only obstacle for extensive use is a relatively high price of equipment.