Get your garden ship-shape with the help of these apps

As the spring comes, nature gives us a particular signal: get ready for renovation. And prepare for some work in the garden too. To be more productive and effective in cultivating plants and flowers use innovative methods along with usual gardening tools. You know, mobile apps can be as useful as shovel and rake. With their help, you can make your garden ship-shape and cheer up yourself with the splendid results.


Leafsnap is an app that attracts science achievements to your garden tillage. This electronic field guide was developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. This free mobile app helps you to recognize tree species from photographs of their leaves. Undeniable benefit of Leafsnap is apparent. If you don’t remember the name of a tree you planted last year, just capture it leave and scan the photo with an app.

The tree species would be identified, and you won’t need a help of an experienced botanist. High-resolution images of leaves, flowers, fruits, petioles, seeds, and bark are included in Leafsnap as well.


Gardeners of the world unite! With a help of GrowIt! you can communicate with passionate gardeners all over the world. It’s like a social network for those who like plants. This app allows you to share garden photos and inspiration, find useful gardening tips and detailed information about plants grown locally. Ask questions and give advice, the future of our green planet must be in hands of friendly and inspired people.


This app is a simple calendar for planting vegetables, assembled by useful advice. Now you can make a planting schedule on your phone to plan all the garden actions. Read all the information about how and when planting the vegetables. The specific advice about planting in your climate zone is given by experts. So be ready for an enormous harvest of juicy and tasteful vegetables after using this app.

Garden Plan Pro

Sometimes designing a vegetable garden is almost equal to engineering a space shuttle. Where to start with this complicated task? Garden Plan Pro app knows the answer. It helps you to design the immaculate plan of locating different kinds of vegetables on the same ground. Constant reminders about planting are provided by Garden Plan Pro via email.

Perennial Match

Anything that is going to last for long-term can cause our deep concern. Even plants in the garden. Will they good look together or the garden would turn unaesthetic with these bright chrysanthemums and moss phlox planted next to each other? Perennial Match will solve your problems and bring you the joy of landscaping. Choose plants that meet your criteria and see how they will look together. And it’s all before you buy a single plant. Useful and reassuring indeed.

So it is already a season for some plants to be planted. That means the required apps should be installed on your device. Don’t waste precious springtime and get your garden ship-shape consciously and creatively.