Following George R.R. Martin's impact on Elden Ring's development, there's curiosity about whether FromSoftware will collaborate with another prominent author in the future

Elden Ring stands out within the FromSoftware portfolio in part because it benefits from the lore-crafting expertise of George R. R. Martin, celebrated author behind the Game of Thrones series. Its success has led director Hidetaka Miyazaki to entertain the idea of engaging in similar partnerships in future endeavors.

In a conversation with GameSpot, Miyazaki reflected fondly on the collaboration with Martin, noting his openness to embarking on similar journeys with other creative talents. Such partnerships, according to him, aren't just about enhancing the game—they also serve as important growth opportunities for the development team.

"The inclusion of George R. R. Martin's storied expertise in enrichening the backstory and the mythos features among the distinct advantages that Elden Ring has over other titles from FromSoftware," he remarks. "The act of delving into his intricate backstory and myths provided a fresh impetus to our team—a rarity in our usual development experience."

Hence, Miyazaki embraces the potential to work with influential creators, finding the experiences shared with Martin to be exceptionally rich for the Elden Ring team and its audience.

"Beyond the invigorating effect of his extensive myths and backstory, George possesses an astute grasp on game design and the inner workings of video games, which fostered a smooth and efficient collaboration," Miyazaki explains. "His respect for the medium greatly facilitated our process."

The sentiments surrounding the cooperation are positively unanimous. Further excitement brews as Elden Ring's additional content makes its debut. For insights on Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and its ability to live up to expectations—rest assured, it indeed does—our review is available for perusal.