Boundary Shooter Will be Released in 2019

Tactical shooter Boundary, with the main action happening in space, will be released for consoles and PC later in 2019. Surgical Scalpels, an independent Chinese developer announced on the 26th of June that shooter Boundary will be available for PlayStation 4 in 2019. PC and Xbox versions are currently under the consideration of developers.

More Details About Boundary

This game is the first in the line of titles of China Hero Project, a project that was made to help the Chinese game industry to get closer to the global audience. Boundary was first announced in 2016 in Shanghai during the ChinaJoy. Since that time, the game has been highly awaited by all players.

The action happens in space. The player becomes an astronaut, armed and ready to shoot the enemies. There are firefights waiting for you, with zero gravity and low-gravity space quests on the orbit. The game may be appreciated by all space shooter fans. It is about the future when Earth begins to use space resources. While our planet ran out of supplies, scientists built space elevators to get closer to space sources. Space elevators… hmmm… doesn’t it sound like some epic story from Arthur C. Clarke sci-fi novels? Anyway, the new possibilities come with the danger that now spreads across space.

Boundary gameplay

Humanity begins to fight for space resources. While governments send their representatives to cut the biggest piece of the pie, pirates and mercenaries are already there to take as much as they can and sell it on the black market. This multiplayer shooter will not give you a chance to get bored. Criminal gangs and big corporations of evil already plan to make space their own property.

A Word From Developers

The founder of the company and tech director Frank Mingbo Li, says that their team is excited to announce that the game will be released this year. The first audience that will be able to play the game lives in Europe and North America. Boundary will be released for consoles at first. Li is grateful for China Hero Project that made it possible to create the game and show it to international gamers. According to him, the game will be appreciated by all sci-fi fans.

Why Boundary is so Special?

  • There are numerous customization features that any fan of space-shooters will love. There are tailor-made space suits, load-outs and space warfare.
  • The variety of weapons. You can use assault or sniper rifles, guns, and so on. Depending on your preferences the game will help to choose the best weapon.
  • Individual weapon. Yes, you can customize almost everything in the game. There are stocks, muzzles, optical sights, foregrips, and so on.
  • You can change tactical setups in the game. For example, you may use heavy, medium or light setup, depending on your preferences.
  • You are able to increase the lethality by mixing rounds of armor-piercing and explosives, or EMP. This way, you will cause damage to your enemies while they are unable to respond.
  • There will be Free For All and Deathmatch modes, as usual. Plus, developers add Orbital Purge and Facility Capture modes.
  • Developers made a mix of space installations at the maps, so players will be able to fight there and explore the new areas. Space elevator feature is not revealed yet.

Boundary Benefits

The game may bring something fresh on the market. It is made by a prominent Chinese company which develops VR games and consoles of the high-class for China and abroad. We will be able to check out the game later this year. But for now, please, share your thoughts about Boundary. Are you waiting for the game?