Apple Security Announcements at WWDC

Since 1983 Apple has arranged Worldwide Developers Conference where the most vital issues concerning the present and future of the brand are discussed and announced. This year’s event welcomed representatives of Apple offices from 77 countries, and we have known the hot news worth to be mentioned. Both desktop and mobile products are announced to be changed with new features and updates. One of the key themes is a case of security of both iOS and MacOS operating systems.

Key moments

Well, Apple has always cared for privacy keeping personal information of its uses safe or at least doing its best to stand by its promise. This year it announced a lot of security changes spending about two hours on a detailed presentation of its ideas. There is a hope that consumers forget about their privacy and security concerns thanks to improvements suggested by coming offers. Though, we should be ready for additional charges which are needed to provide that security on mobile and PC devices. Perhaps, a flurry of activity thereof is caused by the ruling of Supreme Court as to this exact issue, but still we hope that Apple’s efforts are the results from the earnest desire to enhance protections of its users from unwanted interference in their private life.

Anyway, these innovations can be a great competitive gain compared to Google and Android, which are not able to deliver security and privacy protection at such a high level being too open. In addition, Apple announced a range of features of new iOS and MacOS allowing to benefit from bigger screens.

Another important moment is a new version of iPadOS. Apple definitely wants to place its stake on the iPad as a better alternative to desktop or even notebook. That is why we can expect strong multitasking, a split screen showing multiple windows at a time, a folder in iCloud Drive to share the content and some other useful features.

As to the iTunes application, there are also changes. Soon we will see various apps specialized only in music or video content so that to make it easy to cope with the features. That is a result of complains that iTunes has become cluttered with options that is why navigation gets rather confusing.

iTunes application interface

Security is Above All

I should say that there are a lot of noteworthy options for new operating systems announced at WWDC. Approach to privacy is a vital component of the strategy of any developer of such devices as a computer or mobile phones which can transmit personal and other data through the Internet. Apple is known for its accuracy in such issues, and its protection is usually well done. It applies the innovate methods to safeguard privacy personalizing a user’s experience without using personal data.

When we buy products from this brand, we can be sure that our interests are considered properly. Moreover, there are tools delivered to meet strict corporate guidelines. Evidently, the updates will surpass expectations. Perhaps the announcements made during the conference will impact the court decision. We cannot but hope it will be positive for the brand.