Activision Discontinues Development Of The DMZ Mode In Warzone; It Will Remain Indefinitely In Beta Status

Since its launch alongside Warzone 2.0 at the end of last November, Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ has remained in beta, drawing players into its Tarkov-esque gameplay with a mix of open-world exploration and structured objectives. Despite the mode's popularity and player interest in seeing it fully developed, we've learned that DMZ will not be advancing past its beta stage. As of Wednesday, there will be no further updates to this mode, and it will not be integrated with the upcoming season or Modern Warfare III.

Activision has clarified:

"DMZ Beta will continue to be accessible through the Call of Duty: Warzone portal in COD HQ as Season 1 commences next week. All existing content within the DMZ Beta—spanning areas such as Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, Koschei Complex, Building 21, and Vondel Park—alongside all current DMZ missions will remain available for play. However, this mode will not feature within Modern Warfare III or Call of Duty: Warzone. Consequently, any progress or new content from Modern Warfare III or Warzone—including items from Battle Passes or store bundles—will neither influence nor transfer back to the DMZ Beta. Additionally, future Battle Pass progression starting from Season 1 will not reflect within DMZ."