DOOM Eternal: Surviving Hell on Earth - Combat Tips for Demonic Slaying

In the nightmarish hellscape of DOOM Eternal, players find themselves pitted against the legions of the damned in a quest to save humanity from an infernal invasion. Survival is not guaranteed, and victory comes only to those who master the art of combat in this relentlessly hostile environment. Below, we've compiled the essential combat tips to not just survive but thrive as you wage war against the demonic onslaught. From leveraging your arsenal’s full potential to strategically conquering enemy hordes, this guide will elevate your gameplay and turn you into an unstoppable force of retribution.

1. Master the "Push-Forward" Combat

DOOM Eternal emphasizes a "push-forward" combat philosophy, meaning a retreat is seldom an option, and aggression is rewarded. Unlike traditional shooters, where taking cover and regenerating health is a staple, DOOM requires you to be in the thick of battle. Health, armor, and ammo are predominantly replenished by engaging enemies up close. Executing Glory Kills on weakened enemies not only provides a significant health boost but also gives a momentary respite from the chaos. This aggressive approach keeps the pace fast and the adrenaline pumping, ensuring you're always on the move and in the face of danger.

2. Utilize the Full Arsenal Creatively

DOOM Eternal

Every weapon in your arsenal is designed for a specific situation. The Combat Shotgun’s sticky bombs are perfect for taking out groups of smaller foes or weak points on larger demons, while the Heavy Cannon's precision bolt can snipe distant enemies. Switching weapons based on your current need is crucial. The game encourages weapon mod swapping on the fly to adapt to any situation. For instance, quickly swapping to the Super Shotgun to grapple with the Meat Hook brings you closer to a Glory Kill, all within seconds. Ammunition is scarce, making it imperative to constantly rotate through your weapons to utilize the available ammo efficiently.

3. Chain Glory Kills, Flame Belch, and Chainsaw

The key to sustaining yourself in battle is effectively chaining Glory Kills, Flame Belch, and Chainsaw attacks. Glory Kills provide health, Flame Belch sets enemies on fire, making them drop armor, and the Chainsaw replenishes your ammunition -- forming a survival trifecta. It’s crucial to identify when to use each technique. For example, when running low on health, prioritize Glory Kills. If you're in need of armor, set a group of enemies ablaze before mowing them down. Low on ammo? Find a weaker demon and rev up your Chainsaw. Mastering the timing and sequence of these abilities ensures you’re always stocked up and ready for whatever Hell throws at you.

4. Keep Moving and Utilize the Environment

Stationary is synonymous with dead in the world of DOOM Eternal. The game’s design encourages constant movement, be it through dashing, double-jumping, or utilizing environmental traversal elements like monkey bars and jump pads. Your mobility is your greatest defense, allowing you to dodge attacks and create distance between you and your enemies. Moreover, the arenas are littered with traps and hazards you can use to your advantage. Knocking enemies into pits, leading them into crushing traps, or blasting barrels can turn the tide of battle without expending precious ammo.

5. Prioritize Targets Wisely

DOOM Eternal

Not all demons are created equal, and recognizing which threats to eliminate first can save you from becoming overwhelmed. Buff Totems and Archviles dramatically increase the threat level of all enemies and should be destroyed or executed as soon as they appear. Pain Elementals and Cacodemons can dominate the battlefield if left unchecked and are susceptible to specific weapon mods for quick dispatch. Identifying and prioritizing these high-value targets ensures you're dismantling the demonic forces in the most efficient manner possible.

6. Embrace the Rune System

Runes offer customization to your playstyle by granting you special abilities, from slowing down time in mid-air to increase precision, extending the duration of Glory Kills, or speeding up your recovery after performing one. Experiment with different Rune combinations to find the set that best complements your approach. Whether you’re a player who thrives on aggressive close-quarters combat or one who prefers picking off enemies from a distance, there’s a Rune setup that can enhance your effectiveness on the battlefield.

7. Understand and Exploit Enemy Weaknesses

Each demon boasts its own strengths, but it also possesses weaknesses you can exploit. Using the right weapon mod or attack can disable their abilities or eliminate them quickly. For instance, the Plasma Rifle can overload the shields of the Shield Soldiers, causing an explosive reaction that damages nearby enemies. Learning the weak points and vulnerabilities of demons is crucial, allowing you to dismantle even the most daunting foes with precision and efficiency.

8. Manage Resources Strategically

DOOM Eternal

Resource management is a silent factor that often determines success or failure. Balancing your use of ammo, health, and armor pickups is essential, especially in longer fights or when facing multiple heavy demons. Always be on the lookout for resupply points in the arena, but save them for when you're truly in need. Using the Chainsaw strategically to replenish ammo can mean the difference between holding your ground or being overrun when the battle intensifies.

9. Upgrade and Customize Suitably

Upgrading your Praetor Suit and weapons is a pathway to becoming more lethal and durable. Prioritize upgrades that suit your play style. If you often find yourself in the thick of battle, invest in upgrades that enhance your survivability. Conversely, if you prefer engaging at a range, boosting your weapon's accuracy and impact might be more beneficial. The Sentinel Crystals and Weapon Points are limited resources, making thoughtful investment crucial to enhance your battlefield efficacy.

10. Practice, Refine, and Experiment

Last but not least, mastery comes with practice and adaptation. DOOM Eternal is designed to challenge and push you to evolve your strategies continuously. What works in one fight may not be as effective in another due to the diverse enemy compositions and combat arenas. Regularly refine your approach, experiment with different tactics, and don't be afraid to fail. Each encounter is a lesson in adaptation and resilience, pushing you one step closer to mastering the arduous journey of slaying demons and saving humanity.

Combining these strategies will equip you with the knowledge and skills to face the demonic hoards of DOOM Eternal head-on. Remember, every demon defeated, every arena conquered, and every challenge overcome is a testament to your prowess as a Slayer. Now go forth, utilize these tactics, and solidify your legacy by vanquishing the forces of Hell once and for all.