My Talking Pet

My Talking Pet review

This article is about My Talking Pet, a virtual pet game that was created by Crave Entertainment. The game is played by caring for a virtual animal through feeding, grooming, and playing with it. You can also teach your pet tricks that it will perform for you.


The gameplay of My Talking Pet is very addicting. You have to create a virtual pet and name him or her. You can also design your own background. The game is played through going through a day of caring for your pet. You feed it, groom it, and play with it. You can also teach your pet tricks. You get to name your pet, and it will talk to you and tell you how it feels.


My Talking Pet has very adorable graphics. The background is very customizable, you can pick from the sky, hills, and flowers. The pet that you create is customizable too, it can be any animal that you want, and you can design it to your liking. The game is very addicting, and it is very interactive.


My Talking Pet is very replayable, you can play it over and over. You can show your pet tricks to your friends. You can also customize the game to make it more enjoyable.


My Talking Pet is an adorable virtual pet game that you can play over and over. It is very addicting, and it is very customizable. I recommend this game to children and adults who like virtual pet games.


  • The game is very addicting
  • The graphics are very cute
  • The game is customizable
  • The game is interactive
  • The game is very replayable


  • There are no instructions on how to play the game
  • The graphics are not very clear
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 8