Among Us

Among Us review

Among Us is a game about a group of friends who are exploring an abandoned village in search of an artifact to save one of their own. The game features 2 playable characters, Aine, who is the daughter of the group's leader and is cursed by a mysterious force. The other playable character is Rhiannon, the group's witch and healer. The game has a first-person perspective.


In Among Us, players explore the village and surrounding areas, fighting off the creatures who are in pursuit of Aine and Rhiannon, as well as solving puzzles and completing quests to unlock new areas and collect items.


The graphics in Among Us are basic, with textures and models lacking the detail and visual polish that high-end games have.

Information about replayability of Among us

Among Us is a story-driven game, and, as such, there is no replayability to speak of.


Among Us is an interesting game that has a lot to offer, but does not have the attention to detail that players are used to from modern games.


  • The story in Among Us is one of its strongest points
  • There are many puzzles and quests for players to explore
  • The game's atmosphere is very effective
  • The game has a number of unique mechanics
  • Among Us is a good introduction to horror games
  • The game features two playable characters
  • The game runs relatively well


  • The graphics are not the best
  • The game is only about 3 hours long
  • The game does not have offline mode
  • The game has some bugs, such as freezing or crashing
  • The game is not optimized for high-end graphics cards
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 8