Short hairstyles provide style and freshness – also in 2019. We have the most beautiful short hairstyles of the stars of the catwalk and of course the short hairstyles 2019 trend offices. Whether with Undercut, as Pixie or as a soft, feminine short haircut: Get inspired by these cool short haircuts. Magnificent play of color miss the short hair also a smart touch! Maybe’s it about time for a Shorty, right?

Model Saskia de Brauw wearing for a long time, a short hairstyle. In Emilio Pucci backstage the pretty Dutch got their hair styled slightly to the side.

Here are the hairstyles pictures of professionals, from Long Bob Long Bob and chin up to Garçon cut and pixie cut. We show the fashionable hairstyles of the top hairdressers and explain what is and what is going on at the short hairstyles 2019th.

Short hairstyles trends 2019

Some women swear by short hair, for others it is a big step – or rather, cut! Because it applies to a short hairstyle often, is first to separate from a large part of his long mane. Some stars have to leave for a role hair: Anne Hathaway recently running around with Strubbelkopf, Charlize Theron now has a stubble cutting and Demi Moore could be used to even shave bald to in “GI Jane “to play a soldier. Some actors have also simply fancied a change: Emma Watson wears Pixie, Michelle Williams loves her short hair!

But it does not have to be the same as a radical short hair: If you like, slow tests with a Bob approached the short hair. Can cut more then one still! Who does not know exactly how his new look should look like, can easily poke around here. We show beautiful short hairstyles for women, which are very trendy this year. And in all lengths and many colors! How this might look in practice, we show in reader-Umstylings where JOY readers could cut their manes.

Not just smooth, curly short hairstyles of course we have! A few waves have a Bob romantic, cast a cheeky Pixie. And of course, we also show the most beautiful short hairstyles of the stars, to click through, for inspiration and possibly for printing, for presentation to the hairdresser.

Mod’s Hair remembered with this retro short hairstyle to the Paris of the 20s and 30s. The feminine bob with bangs to the nose tip is easily upgraded.