Shazam - Discover Music

Shazam - Discover Music review

Shazam is the ultimate answer to the question ‘What song’s playing?’ The app is a platform for identifying, finding, and sharing songs and music that you love so much but have never been able to find. Besides, the app is a mediator between major music players that allows the user to transfer the newly found music to their library right away.

Interface and Design — 9/10

The design is made specifically for comfortable and easy music search. After opening the app, the first window displays a large search button with the app’s logo. A single click on it will activate the app’s highly accurate identification process. Moreover, there is a manual input field down below for situations when you believe you’ve got the song or the performer right.

Tapping on the top left corner of the screen will bring you directly to your library. Whereas the button in the right corner will show you the top songs on today’s charts.

Key Functions — 10/10

Shazam is not limited to only music searching but, in the last couple of years, has developed a whole range of enjoyable features. Now, the application collects all your searched songs and compiles them into one playlist. It shows you all kinds of history and samples from your previous tries.

Also, since the app is equipped with a relatively potent AI, it takes on the responsibility of suggesting similar music to you. Grouping it by artists, dates, and genres, the app creates a user-friendly ranking to improve your music style.

To assure quality content and accuracy, the application offers you a free sample of a song. By listening to it, you can see if that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. In case you want to add the song to your music library right away, you can do it simply by choosing your player from the list.

Usability — 10/10

To activate this search engine, it’s enough to have a stable Internet connection and press the logo-marked button in the center.

The app will listen to the music closest to you and identify its name and artist within seconds. Now, you can access a new interface to play, mark, or simply add a product to your library. To show your friends your search results, you can send it to them. Press the ‘Share’ arrow in the top left corner and choose an app you want to send the song via.

If you scroll the menu further down, you’ll see that Shazam has already chosen a list of similar music.

Cross-Platform Use — 9/10

The app is made to assist you in creating your own music style. It allows the user to send and share their preferred pieces to others via Facebook, Instagram, Viber, etc. without having to screen-shot and write down names.

Also, you can purchase the songs you like in iTunes and enrich your iTunes library.

The Verdict

We love Shazam. In fact, everybody does. The app does perform its primary purpose, which is to help you find the music you take a liking to. Though it doesn’t allow you to listen to music right away, it’s still useful enough to perform other functions, which save and improve your music taste.


  • Millions of songs to find
  • Free-of-charge, no registration
  • Great sharing options.


  • Short previews.
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 10
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 10