Hairstyles for old women and men. Convince Stars in the prime of us. On the red carpet at great hairstyles for older hair What to consider Madonna, Meryl Streep & Co. styling and what else needs yet mature hair for the big show, click here

Women and hair in the best years have one thing in common: they know exactly what they want. And usually, only the best is good enough. Because hair is around the mid-life significantly more demanding than before. Before the styling is so only once at a grass-roots level. And that is: Maintain, maintain, maintain!

Be care professional: hairstyles for older hair

The changing hormone levels in women slow cell renewal and growth cycles. The hair is thin and dry out faster. In contrast, conditioners and treatments help. Their activating additives stimulate additional hair growth naturally.

Hairstyles for older hair: Spoilt for choice of color

The first gray hairs discover most of us around the 30th birthday. When exactly depends on the hereditary material that we carry within us. Our genes determine how quickly passed when, and especially the pigmentation of our hair. Whether you drown in hairstyles for older hair for, color, or choose natural gray – the nursing behavior changes in any case.

Lack the gray hair pigments, is also increasingly the UV protection is lost. Therefore, especially in summer use additional sun protection. When gray hair is also recommended a gentle Shine Conditioner. The leaves come to its best advantage the shades. Matt and dull gray hair is literally anyone to face – it makes the complexion pale yellowish or even look at worst.

Do you want to rely on hairstyles for older hair tinting or coloring, you need to consider some important tips. Access soft colors that match your natural hair color and especially suit your skin tone. A warm chocolate brown for example, is the most brunettes. A grading the color and the prudent use of highlights avoid the dreaded “fake” look.

Hairstyles for older hair: Star Style

With the all-around well-kept hair and the color of your choice go from here to the styling. Fist Rule number one: The perfect haircut is the nuts and bolts of hairstyles for older hair. The haircut at least every eight weeks is therefore required. The ideal hair length for Best Ager is between chin and shoulder. A classic bob with soft steps will not only meet the needs of thinning hair contrary, but it also flatters the face. And for special occasions can already conjure shoulder-length hair updo. Likewise, red carpet-ready are ponies. Best worn sideways, they hide by the way any forehead wrinkles.

Those who can not part with his long mane, is the best styling on volume. These blow-dry your hair upside down until dry and then style – this is the ideal condition for a Good Hair Day. Selected, high-quality styling products provide for hairstyles for older hair for the perfect look. For example, hair spray or hair with keratin complex powder for a style that is properly positioned not only, but also holds. Short hairstyles are always considered young makers, however, you should make sure a certain age that the cut is not too hard.

In our gallery we show you the most beautiful hairstyles of stars in the best years for Nachstylen. Whether short or long, blonde, brown or gray – is here for every Best Ager something for everyone!