Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie review

Marco Polo is a slick messenger app that combines elements of social media, video chatting, and advanced privacy settings. This crazy blend is perfect for those of us who are concerned with online privacy but do not wish to miss out on the opportunities offered by modern-day tech.

Interface and Design – 8/10

Marco polo has a super-simple design that is similar to the one we’ve seen on Windows smartphones way back when. All of the UI elements are visualizes as large cards that you can easily see, swipe, or tap on the fly with one hand. 

That being said, the app lacks the polish of other mobile messaging applications that were developed on a greater budget. The choice of whether you want the additional bells and whistles is totally up to you though. 

Key Functions – 10/10

Marco Polo is known for its weird combination of social media elements and video calls. On the bright side, the developer does not collect our data. You will not be seeing personalized ads any time soon.

On the other hand, the app could use some of that sweet ad revenue to invest in infrastructure support as Marco’s capabilities of hosting group calls are quite limited.

In addition to a mix of video calls and social media, Marco offers a nice texting feature and a large cloud storage space for your videos. 

Usability 9/10

Marco polo is probably the simplest messenger – slash – social media app out there due to the fact that those elements of the interface that are on the screen are everything the app needs. No hidden menus, no misleading buttons, only the joy of communicating with your loved ones. 

Your calls and videos don’t come at an additional cost, but do watch out for the amount of mobile data you are using as Marco polo is quite an addictive application. 


Cross-Platform Use 9/10

As one might expect from a modern-day messaging app, Marco polo is available for both iOS and Android users.

The Verdict

Marco polo is more than enough for a quick chat with friends but is not the right option for times when you need to discuss a serious matter with a group of colleagues. But hey, who cares when you have access to your close ones free of charge?


  • Great integration of social media elements into video calls
  • Protection of personal data, no targeted ads
  • Nice video quality in one on one calls.


  • Not enough juice to host a large group
  • Overly simplistic interface looks cheaper than it is.
Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 10
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9