The dream of almost all women is to have long and shiny hair. How to have long hair in short time without necessarily resorting to the extension? Although it seems impossible you can get good results by using an accurate treatment of the hair, a few tricks and the old grandma’s remedies.

How to care for your hair

The hair has a limited life and during the years they are continually renewed, that’s why you have to take care of them in a constant and continuous.

The foliage, like the rest of the body, is weakened by various factors such as climate, food (not always correct), the phone and the various treatments, pollution and stress. So the question arises how you can have long hair in short time?

First of all you need to choose a shampoo suitable for your skin and your hair type. A product suitable for a type of “head” potre worsens the situation if used in the wrong case. In case of doubt, a mild shampoo is always the best choice.

Making masks and wraps not only to feed the strikers but occasionally use products that treat the hair in any length.

Periodically, it is advisable to take supplements and trace elements. The ideal would be three months of capsules and vials regenerating to do in spring and autumn. They are also useful supplements of calcium, iron, magnesium and minerals that treat the hair from the inside.

Frequentementa Massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation, so the new hair grow faster and stronger.

Use brushes made ​​of natural fibers and always have the foresight not to get too close to the skin when the hair dryer to dry your hair or during styling.

The advice in the most

Some more advice on how to have long hair in short time. Assuming that the average growth of hair is around a centimeter in a month you can try to cut them in the days of the full moon, or crescent, that old saying accelerates this process. For the impatient are commercially available as shampoos that promise a faster regrowth. One must always be wary of advertising millantanti that promise miracles.