Henna – Nature’s Colorant

Some of you may ask, “What’s henna?” Others have heard of henna, but are wondering, “What does henna have to do with this blog?” A few of us actually know its relevance to our hair, but are thinking, “I have been curious what my hair will look like after trying henna…” Hopefully, all of your questions will be addressed momentarily!

Henna has been utilized in the Middle Eastern community for years in body art and temporary tattoos. Most of us had an idea of this just from walking through an amusement park or going to a local festival; henna tattooing is almost as popular as those funny caricature drawings nowadays. Middle Eastern women have found its usefulness in coloring the hair, just as much as they have with its staining the skin.

Henna is a powder created from the leaves of its plant. It naturally dyes the hair. In its natural form, henna will combine its reddish-orange pigmentation with your hair’s natural shade when used as a colorant [if your hair is very dark, you will only be able to see the reddish/auburn tone in the sun…henna does not have a bleaching agent – it’s natural]. However, many have altered the red-orange color by mixing in different herbs to achieve a variation of shades. I have been fascinated with henna since the moment I heard of its effects on the hair. Henna has been found to leave one’s strands feeling conditioned, thick, and silky. Not only is it a dye, but henna has proven to be a strengthening treatment to most. It is imperative that you use the 100% natural henna that is absent of all additives and metallics, in order to reap the total benefits of the powder and to prevent damage to your natural waves and curls.

Henna may be used on all hair types, (yes even those 4a/4b curls – my hair type). Body art quality (BAQ) henna is the most potent of its type, and the safest to use on the hair. After applying henna to the hair, you must be sure to do a moisturizing deep conditioner on the hair in order to replenish any moisture that may have been extracted during the process.

I do henna applications on my hair faithfully.  I am actually due for one within the next couple of weeks, and I am too excited! In order to see my results, you must read my future blog post for more info and pics! In the meantime, you can check out this wonderful site hennaforhair.com for a wealth of information. Until next time all…happy hair growing!!!