Hangouts review

Given the situation surrounding the global pandemic and the lockdown it causes, the only people who have not heard of apps like Hangouts are those who do not use the internet whatsoever. But how did Hangouts grow into the number one option for organized collaboration across various teams? Do the guys from Google have COVID to thank, or is there something more to the app? Let’s find out!

Interface and Design – 8/10

The app has a fairly simplistic, minimalistic interface with green and white elements. Everything that’s taking place on the screen is easily visible and accessible, which is an important factor for an application focused around collaboration. 

That being said, both the design and the layout are very bare-bones basic. There’s nothing to write home about here.

Key Functions – 10/10

The power of Google comes in many shapes and forms. Hangouts, for once, benefits from the integration with the tech giant’s cloud services such as the calendar or your mailbox. This approach simplified the process of adding contacts and managing meetings, so the app became a go-to messenger for everyone using at least one Google service. 

Unlike the app’s minimalistic design, the features hangout brings to the table are anything but. Hangout is essentially every single Google service ever (including Google Drive) with support for real-time video calls with teams of up to ten people. You can write notes, send messages, upload and download files and call any phone number in the world for a whopping price of $0.0. Yes, all of the calls are free for Google Hangouts users.

Usability – 8/10

Google Hangouts has a lot to offer when it comes to secondary features. Unfortunately, the primary reason why you considered the app – live video calls – is not its strongest suit. 

Don’t get this wrong. You can still make quick calls from the comfort of your couch without an issue. It’s just that the performance and the quality of the video are slightly above average when it comes to video call apps. 

Cross-Platform Use 9/10

Thanks to Google’s cloud-based approach to technologies, Hangouts is available across a plethora of devices. This includes iOS, Android, and desktop versions of the application. 

The Verdict

Google Hangouts is a solid pickup for everyone who is used to relying on Google’s cloud-based infrastructure of applications. If you are one of the few remaining people on the planet without a Gmail account, it is probably best to investigate some of the alternatives.


  • Amazing compatibility across devices and platforms Flawless integration with Google’s family of services A powerful tool for communicating in large groups


  • The quality of the video is nothing to write home about
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 8
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9