Ever since Marilyn Monroe in the Fifties and Madonna in the Eighties blonde hair are a perennial favorite. Blonde is of course not the same blond. But whether natural blond, bleaching or coloring, what matters is the effect! Light hair is since time immemorial an eye-catcher, even these rare hair color occurs in comparison with the other tones. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? At the time, the same as today!

Blonde hair 2019

The stylists of the fashion weeks have chosen to brown hair color 2018, a remarkable number of models on the runways were long blondes and brunettes are today – for example, Kati Nesher and Marie Piovesan. But no reason to panic! The Fashion Week for spring/summer 2018 showed besides the browns also numerous shades of blond. On one it depends in particular on hair color in natural shades. The natural hair color lights in different shades of color. The trend hair colors in 2018 under the motto “natural shades”. In cloudy and colorants is therefore taken to mix different tones of the same color family. While the approach is slightly darker, light up the peaks in lighter shades. On too much perfection is omitted.

Blonde Tones: Bright, natural, shimmering and – platinum!

Various shades of blond applied in layers, the hair is illuminated. Glimmers of approach in a darker shade, naturalness is generated. Fine highlights are guaranteed even in the Pale Ash Blonde on a reflective shine. Platinum Blonde may perhaps be a little tricky hair color, but also it must at the hairstyle trends in 2018 are not waived: Platinum Shimmer in delicate nuances, a natural effect. Medium Blonde accommodates bright highlights extremely good effect. Blonde shades in honey and caramel blonde harmonize best with golden blonde.

Ombre Style – the latest craze!

Who ever dreamed of blond, but never made it, now has the opportunity to do so. The new hair color trends for spring and summer 2018 range from bright platinum blonde up to the trendy ombre style. The ombre style is generated by a special Haarfärbemethode be applied at the various inclusive blonding or brown tones on the hair tips. This technique, however, was developed for the current season. Instead of hard contrasts is now set on a natural variation, to which not only can dare extremely bold hair trendsetters. The Ombre Hair Styling is indeed considered controversial, but the colored tops are all the rage in 2018.

New blonde shades conquer the world

Completely new blondes know to convince in the spring/summer 2018. Stylists and experts set of coloring sometimes sensual strawberry nuances, attractive beach blond, gold tones and also extravagant platinum blonde. In various color and style selection beginners alike can get their money as experienced blondes. Nuanced techniques give the impression as if it were the sun itself, which has conjured up the attractive highlights to blonde hair. The play of light and shadow is so hip. Lighter and darker shades are among the most important and most beautiful blonde trends this season.

Care tips for blondes

Bright blond hair only comes to good effect, if it is properly maintained. Whether your hair is naturally blonde or have been brightened, adequate care measures is ensured in each case. The hair of the real blondes is often very finely, while gloss bleached hair quickly by the chemical treatment and acts powerless. High-quality cosmetics that do not complain, provide the hair with moisture and allow natural shine are recommended. Blonde hair but can also benefit from simple home remedies:

Through contact with chlorine blonde hair tend often to greenish discoloration. These can be made to disappear when the hair is rinsed with two dissolved in a pint of water “Aspirin C” tablets.

If the blonde mop, of course, be used to brighten the juice of two lemons can be applied after washing. After ten minutes, then the hair is rinsed. If the lemon juice mixed with chamomile tea in addition, provides a glamorous and seductive shimmer of gold for delight.