Hair Color Ideas for Women: The Blonde and the Brunette

Hair color ideas for women could be very few. Over the years, natural colors were the only ones people put on. However, celebrities sporting hair colors in pinks, blues, purples and whites have given many women a whole new idea on the hair colors that they should wear. Of course, a hair color would only fit a certain skin color, so it is also important that you get a hair color that would show the best of you. Getting a new look could be scary, because there are some things that couldn’t easily be replaced or undone. Hair color ideas for women these past few years have always been the same, fortunately.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Women

Blondes have always been the American cheerleader look. There are some girls who could look good in any hair color. Hair color ideas for women would always include the blondes because they could be a very sexy hair color. How do you know if it fits you? Blonde fits you if you’ve had the color when you were younger. Hair color could change over the years, and you might not remember what color you wore when you were a child, so looking at your old pictures might be a big help. If you have green or blue eyes, you could also wear blonde.

One bad thing about unnatural blonde hairs is that they could be hard to keep. It could easily look dull and you don’t want that for your hair. It is always better to invest in good products and go to the salon every now and then to make sure that they do not get dull and washed out.

Brunette Hair Color Ideas for Women

Now brunettes are considered the sophisticated ones. They are perfect for people who have pale skin. Natural brunettes only have to invest in hair products that would give shine and life to their hair, meaning that it isn’t all that hard to maintain, unlike the blonde hair. Brunette hair color ideas for women would always have their roots to the most popular celebrities of the day. Pale-skinned women could wear lighter browns, olive-skinned women could wear chestnut or coffee-colored hair, and dark-skinned women could wear darker shades of browns.

If you would want to color your hair on your own, always remember that the safest way to do so is to choose a color that is a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural hair. Hair color ideas for women very rarely work out if you do it yourself.