Hair accessories for women 2019-like jewelry in general – a decorative item. There are two different meanings of the term: on the one hand, the designation of jewelry that is used to decorate hairstyles or make constructive in their form, on the other jewelry from our own hair.

Hair jewelry is not an invention of modern times. The historical development of hair accessories can be traced back to several thousands of years. Already flowers or simple wooden regarded as the first approach of hair accessories. Over another then use the design of hairstyles can argue, however.

As part of the development of the first civilizations besides education, technology and medicine, and the jewelry was given a much higher priority. Thus, for example, the ancient Egyptians wore braided threads or gold ornaments in her hair. Even within the Chinese dynasties was the use of wooden bars not uncommon to hochzustecken the very thick hair Asians.

Particularly impressive hair jewelry are the feather headdress Indians. This was often used for decoration – among other uses but also to distinguish the hierarchical structures within a tribe.

To date, hair jewelry has evolved in very diverse ways. There are now no material restrictions so that it is possible to obtain hair jewelry of different materials like wood, (precious) metals, textiles, plastics, (precious) stones and cut glass.

Hair accessories cannot differentiate completely from the concept of headgear. For example, the crown is considered as a modification of the hair jewelry. In addition to the hierarchical importance of the crown is also attached to the purpose of distinguishing ornament. Today’s optical remnant of the crown can be found in the so-called diadems. These are the hair jewelry in the area allocated bridal jewelry and come from the laurel wreath – a wreath was crowned with the in ancient times the winner of a fight.