Garmin Connect Mobile

Garmin Connect Mobile review

The Garmin Connect™ Mobile app is a quick and easy-to-use training tool that connects to Garmin device allowing you to evaluate, store and share your fitness progress and activities. With an array of various features, this app helps you achieve your fitness goals effectively. 

Interface and Design 9/10

The app features an impressive comprehensive design and user interface that clearly showcases all the essential information you require while working out. It automatically syncs data from the Garmin device to the app giving you an insight on how to beat your own achievements. Easy to understand, it features various screens with different information including your overall daily activity, an in-depth comparison to other users, a challenge section with a leader board, a sleep monitor and much more.

Key Functions 8/10

The Garmin Connect™ Mobile app comes with a list of significant features when paired to any Garmin Device. It allows you to keep a track of your total steps taken, calories consumed, floors climbed as well as how much sleep you have had compared to the amount that is recommended for you. You can set individual goals for each and track your progress on a daily basis. The app also comes with an analyzer that allows you to review activities such as cycling, running, swimming and more. Not only does it come with a sharing option that allows your friends to view your fitness progress, but you can also challenge others and compete in different activities making your way to the top of the leader board. For any achievements, you are awarded with various badges that are documented on the app. Also this app can be linked  with the latest “MyFitnessPal” for better reviewing of your progress. 

Usability 7/10

The app is a handy online interface that records and displays your daily fitness activity with a clear-cut design, it is easy to use and you can navigate around the app without any training or additional knowledge. The main page is a dashboard where you can add various tiles and widgets that you utilize often, making it easier and quicker to locate. Featuring a side menu it lists all the functions and features in one drop down including a calendar, devices connected, personal goals, record and reports, workouts, training plans and more. The maps can be viewed on full screen mode for better viewing while running. Overall the functionality and usability of the app is adequate and moderate, giving you a fairly easy access to your fitness progress. 

Cross-platform use 8/10

The Garmin Connect™ Mobile app is free to get and can be utilized on any Android Smart phone or tablet. The app can be connected and synced to any Garmin Device to give you in-depth information of your fitness activities.

The Verdict 

Pair the app with your Garmin device and experience top notch support and functionality, assisting you in beating yesterday’s results when it comes to your fitness progress. Enjoy a crisp, simple user interface and design, with various tabs to take you to different features and functions and get insights on your achievements and goals on a daily basis. The app works great for those looking to get healthier and stay consistent in their everyday workout routines. 

The Garmin Connect™ Mobile app is a fast and effective program that helps you to stay focused on your fitness goals, pressing you to get better than yesterday.


  • In-depth data and analysis Option to challenge friends Share records on social media


  • Connectivity problems Drains battery quickly
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 8
Usability 7
Cross-platform use 8