Color Hair Trends: The What’s and the Why’s

What are the most popular color hair trends of this year? What are the factors that affect these trends? Of course, we all know how celebrities and actors could affect the idea of beauty. There are many people who would just want to change their hair color to match their favorite actresses.

The Factors That Affects the Latest Color Hair Trends

The latest trends would always be affected by some factors. Hair color is something that could change as fast as from one season to another, not even waiting for a year. Color hair trends could be affected by many different things. Here are some of them:

  1. The popularity of many different actors and actresses would really have some effects on the latest trends. It affects hair color trends the way they affect fashion trends. The red carpet is something that millions of people look forward to and look at for hours. Celebrities that walk the red carpet are usually celebrities that are subject to critique. They are compared as to who wore a dress better and who wore better hairstyles, thus affecting fashion and color hair trends.
  2. Most of the time, they could be affected by designer looks too. Every season, different designers hold different catwalk fashion shows, and people easily get the idea: if the clothes they’re wearing are trendy, then the hair they’re wearing must be trendy too.
  3. Films and TV shows are very big factors too when it comes to color hair trends. A popular TV show would affect people’s perspectives on what hairstyle to wear.
  4. An era would always have a say on the latest color hair trends. Remember when Elvis Presley was on the top of his career? Men loved nothing more than to have his hairstyle. When the punk scene emerged in America, neon hair colors have become more common.

What Are These Year’s Color Hair Trends?

When women are looking for the latest trends, they almost always find themselves immersed and in the middle of it. This year’s latest trends in hairstyles have pretty much been last year’s trends. However, there are some very small changes when it came to the highlights and the tones.

Brunettes and blondes, meet the blondes. This year, many celebrities have sported the blonde hair colors. Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the most iconic fashion figures, has sported a blonde with brown highlights in the red carpet, making many women follow suit. Ashley Greene, a relatively new celebrity has changed from jet black to a brown with very beautiful blonde ribbons.

Reds are very much popular this year too. Hayley Williams, a vocalist of Paramore, has sported bright hair colors, from red, to orange, to blonde, and very recently to pink. Many girls have followed her hair color. Because it could be very impractical to maintain these very bright hairstyles, others would opt for lighter, less vivid hair colors.

Color hair trends could change fast. Following the latest, every single time wouldn’t really do much good to your hair. Make sure that you choose something that you could stay with for months, or your hair might suffer damages.