Chrome Browser - Google

Chrome Browser - Google review

Your favorite desktop browser now comes to you on your smartphone and tablet. The Google Chrome Browser is an intuitive and quick way to access websites and search for just about anything - while saving 50% of your data.

Interface and Design 9/10

With the Google Chrome Browser, you get a clean interface that delivers everything you need with a tap. Designed to give you the best possible performance, the browser comes with bright and distinctive text and images. Finding what you need is also easy with tabs and a menu option for everything from gets, history, bookmarks, and more. The Google Chrome Browser is a user-friendly app that helps you use the internet at twice the speed and at half the data cost than others.

Key Functions 9/10

The Google Chrome Browser is, by far, the most powerful browser available. It has a host of features that not only make web browsing a breeze, but they get better the more you use them. For starters, the browser comes with Auto-Complete that lets you type and search faster. The Autofill feature lets you fill forms instantly by remembering your details securely. The browser also brings Google's Voice Search to you to help you find things through voice commands. One key feature is its syncing capabilities that allow you to jump from your PC to your mobile to your tablet - without missing out on your saved bookmarks and tabs. Google Translate is also integrated into the Chrome Browser and gives you to option to translate any page automatically. There is also an Incognito mode that lets you browse the internet without saving your history. With intuitive Gestures, you can swipe through multiple tabs quickly and easily.

Usability 10/10

As is the case with all Google apps, the Google Chrome Browser is extremely user-friendly. From the time the app is launched, it provides a guide or walkthrough to help you better understand its functions. It is easy to master the browsers function after a single use because of its simplicity. Whether you would like to search for a particular website or just do a random search, the Google Chrome Browser is there to help you and give you suggestions for the most accurate results based on what you type. By remembering your search history, the browser will suggest returning to previously viewed pages as soon as a similar search is carried out. The best part about using the Google Chrome Browser? You save up to 50% of your data charges with every use.

Cross-Platform Use 10/10

The Google Chrome Browser is compatible with all operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows. It is supported on desktops, smartphones, and tablets as well. Its high-quality performance is available on all platforms.

The Verdict

The Google Chrome Browser is a unique and truly powerful browser that delivers a performance very few can match up to. From its simplistic design to its plethora of user-friendly features, this browser lets you make the most of the internet. It is secure, quick, and relatively lightweight as compared to other browsers. And by saving 50% of your data, this browser ensures you not only have more data for other important actions, but also that you spend less on data plans.

When you need a browser that will not only give you the results you want instantly, but saves you a lot of time, space, and data, Google Chrome Browser is your best choice.


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Faster typing and searching
  • Autofill forms instantly
  • Voice search
  • Translate pages quickly
  • Incognito mode for private browsing
  • Up to 50% savings on data.


  • No full-screen view available
  • Can be laggy on slower networks.
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 10