Castle Clash: Brave Squads

Castle Clash: Brave Squads review

Castle Clash: Guild Royale is the version of the epic original. This is a strategy and combat at the same time with plenty of features including Free to play. You will hire the heroes and lead the best ever army to battle against the enemy. Be ready to fight and survive.

Gameplay 8/10

You will learn to become a skilled warlord with your army of highly customized heroes being ready to start the exciting combats with enemies. You will try various ways to fight, apply various strategies to achieve the result you want. There are Guild Royale or Narcia: War Era modes. There is the Arena format where you can meet another player and fight against him. You can choose almost any look for your heroes using various skins. Also, it is important to upgrade the base from time to time thanks to a non-linear based development system. You can add heroes with some unusual abilities, unlock equipment needed in certain battles, customize anything you have at your disposal at the moment. There are a lot of various skins to make the game unique. You will get glory in Guild Wars, Torch Battle, Fortress Feud. If you prefer to play with friends, invite them to join the Multiplayer co-op dungeons. You will need a lot of skills and power to win the Archdemon. Not only heroes may be of help, but pets are also very powerful if you put effort to train them.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are perfect providing towable visual effects.

Sound 10/10

You will enjoy sounds in this title that suit every scene in a proper manner creating the impression of being right there.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

Playing this game, you will be involved in brave fighting for great goals. You will explore new lands, build your settlements, and protect them from the mighty invaders. There are a lot of challenges and tasks to perform, thus, you will be in for hours.

The Verdict

This is a stunning game with epic objectives. There are heroes and mythical creatures that will fight with each other participating in the greatest battles. You will feel like a warlord developing strategies and testing them in your raids. You can play together with over a hundred million players. The title supports 7 languages including German, French, and Russian.


  • The game needs stable access to the Internet
  • There are a lot of unlocks and challenges in improving replayability
  • The updates bring new game modes, heroes, pets, skins, and more
  • The operation is seamless.


  • The bugs are possible.
Graphics 10
Sound 10
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 10