Brunette Hair Color Shades

Brunette hair color shades – well there are a lot of them!  Here we will show you several of them so you can see at a glance all of the different options that you have when it comes to coloring your hair.  Maybe you’re blond and want to change your hair color to brunette, but don’t know all of the available brunette hair color shades. Don’t worry, whether you’re a blond, redhead, brunette, whatever, there will be plenty of brunette hair color shades for you to pick from!  Some of the names of the brunette hair color shades that you’re probably aware of are light ash brown, light golden brown, medium golden brown, dark brown, almost black, and mahogany.

Tips on Choosing Brunette Hair Color Shades

When considering brunette hair color shades, you should follow a few guidelines. The first piece of advice is to take into consideration the fact that whatever brunette hair color shade you choose, it is going to be with you for awhile, so choose carefully and make sure you are happy with your decision.  Hairstyling specialists do not recommend coloring your hair more than once every couple of months or six to eight weeks. Doing it sooner than that poses health risks and serious damage to your hair and scalp. Don’t forget ladies, that hair dye is full of chemicals and exposes you to them while coloring.  Some more tips on choosing brunette hair color shades are: Don’t go too drastic – This may be a matter of personal opinion, but if you’re blonde, we don’t recommend going jet black. You may want to gradually get there, but not all at once. Pick a color you’re going to be happy to stick with for at least 2 months.  Ask friends for their opinions – ultimately go with your own feeling, but get the opinions of people you trust who will tell you the truth about what you’re considering. Choose trusted hair color brands such as L’oreal, Garnier, and Herbal Essences.

Brunette Hair Color Shades Ideas

You see, choosing brunette hair color shades is not difficult if you have determination and a plan of action.  Overall, just go with your instincts and if you can afford it go with a professional stylist who can help you decide.  At home hair dye products do work very well though and if you have colored your hair before, then you should have no problem doing it again and finding the best brunette hair color shades for your hair and skin tone.