Best Short Bob Hairstyles For Round Face Shape Women

What should you look for in hairstyle first and foremost? Yep, it’s the same old discussion. It really doesn’t matter how trendy and modern the hairstyle is, how long or short is your hair or what kind of cut you use, what counts is that your hairstyle has to suit you. And in order to choose a hairstyle that suits you, you have to think of the color and of the shape. The color is not that hard to choose considering there are not so many hair colors available for those of us who don’t go on a red carpet every day.

You have to think about your skin tone and color of your eyes and either go for brunette, blonde, red hair or even black hair. In the search for the perfect color you can be aided by friends, a stylist or even various computer programs. But choosing the perfect hair shape is a whole different story. There are tenths of hairstyles out there and so many shapes, sizes and cuts that it can seem impossible to find the right one. And an aspect that can help you in your search is your face shape. One of the toughest face shapes to “shop” for is the round face. The round face shape is not very flattering because with the improper hairstyle, you risk to look too puffy and what woman likes that? Also, there are many women who love short hairstyles and bob hairstyles but have a round face and are afraid to opt for a bob. The common belief is that long hair is the most flattering for a round face because it tends to lengthen. However, the right styled bob can make a “don’t” bob into a “do”.

A good trick for a good bob hairstyle for a round face is to not get bangs. Leave your forehead free and clear in order to get a longer face. Another good tip is to get the Victoria Beckham bob hairstyle – longer in the front, shorter in the back. This will give the illusion of an oval face shape which, as everyone knows, is the ideal face shape. Also, a good idea is to try an asymmetric bob. The different hair levels on each side will distract the eye from the shape of the face and draw attention to the hair. Don’t be afraid to try a bob hairstyle even if you have a round face. A talented stylist will know how to make the bob look like it was created for you.