Alexa review

Alexa is the lovely voice that orchestrates your smart devices in the background. Looking to listen to some hip tunes, switching the lights off, or tweaking with the air conditioning? Just say the magic words, and Alexa’ll eagerly follow orders. 

Interface and Design – 10/10

How does one judge the interface of a voice assistant – the app you speak to in order to control the features?

Easy! We need to evaluate Alexa’s responsiveness. Luckily, responsiveness is where the crown jewel of Amazon’s apps shines brightest.

And if you don’t feel like talking, the app offers a slick, minimalistic design in mild, saturated tones. The app is based on the popular card-design philosophy that emphasizes large, clickable shapes you won’t miss when swiping or tapping. 

Key functions – 10/10

Amazon’s Alexa is a digital assistant that compliments one’s Echo device with personalized recommendations, keeps track of shopping lists, manages day-to-day activities, and keeps tabs on your personal preferences in music, films, or literature. 

Alexa can easily keep track of the smart lights, power consumption, and locks on the fly, so you’ll know what’s happening inside your home while away. This feature shines brightest when you want to set up the mood after a stressful day at work before your feet step inside. 

Alternatively, you can train Alexa to do a variety of neat tricks, such as making her sound like a guard dog. She will go into the barking mode as soon as something triggers the doorbell or front door camera. 

Usability – 9/10

Alexa is a quick learner. She adapts to your pronunciation and vocabulary. This feature helps with fine-tuning the assistant to your daily needs and schedule. 

Alexa is pretty good at synchronizing your calendar with to-do lists from 3-d party apps. She is great at offering you quick tips on the fly. The process of controlling smart devices with your voice, while nothing particularly new, still feels quite futuristic. The more smart devices you have, the more you’ll benefit from Alexa. 

That being said, the settings are a little bit all over the place due to their number and the plentiful capabilities of the application. There’s too much to keep tabs on from the get-go. 

Cross-Platform Use – 10/10

Not only is Alexa available on every major platform, but it excels at connecting and integrating a large variety of 3-d party apps. This voice assistant from Amazon will serve as a universal hub for all things “smart” in your home. 

The Verdict

Alexa is one of the better smart home assistants on the market. She can keep track of your home, children, and pets, all while shaping itself to fit your voice, tone, and needs.


  • Great interconnectivity and 3-d party integration
  • Adaptive AI and customization
  • Neat at memorizing personal preferences


  • Data management and security risks.
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 10
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 10